The Facility Management DILEMMA:

  • Make the Facility Operation more efficient and accountable.
  • Do it without a large investment.
  • Do it fast, with a minimum of confusion.

    The Facility Management INNOVATIVE SOLUTION:

  • The Facility Management Assistant® Program mixes the software, hardware, and personal service to deliver efficiency and accountability.
  • There is NO Up-Front Investment required. In fact your organization can get a trial period of No-Strings-Attached usage of this service. Program fees start at $5 Per Day!
  • Your organization can be up and running in ONE DAY. We train participating staff individually, so there is no confusion or training schedule conflicts.
  • Facility Management Assistants

    Our Facility Management programs will reduce your organization's maintenance and administrative costs through greater efficiency.

    Are you a Facility Managment Assistant (FMA) Program Customer?

    To schedule an event or create a work order.
    How We Work For You

  • We assign one of our highly-trained FM Administrative Assistants to your organization.
  • We provide individual program operation training to your participating staff. You can be up and running in ONE DAY.
  • We provide regular personal interface to insure program continuity.
  • We do all the computer work: data entry, software/hardware management, and maintain the Internet link.

  • Facility Operations Consulting
  • Preventive Maintenance Implementation
  • Asset Management & Budget Development
  • On-site Asset Inventory Services
  • FMA Program Delivers from MacNeil Site:

    Personal Service

  • Assigned Administrative Assistant
  • Available Every Business Day
  • Professional Service
  • Never Quits
  • Never Absent
  • Never Needs Expensive Retraining

    World Class Technology

  • Custom FM Software
  • Reliable/Powerful Hardware
  • Internet Connectivity

    Easy To Use Program Interface

  • Toll Free Telephone
  • Toll Free Fax
  • Internet Access W/Standard Browser

    A Proactive Response To:

  • Do More with Less
  • Be More Accountable
  • Find a Way to do it inexpensively

    The Facility Management Assistant® Program Technical Issues

  • Work Order Processing and Control
  • Preventive Maintenance Management
  • Facility Scheduling
  • Utility Usage Analysis
  • Key and Lock Record Management

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