What do you look for in an automation system?

Open architecture
Cost effective to install
Reliable and trouble free to operate
Inexpensive to modify and expand
Easy to operate and maintain

What does Open Systems Technology do for your building?

  • Assures future flexibility and scalability
  • Delivers a comprehensive approach to managing your building
  • Reduces costs while improving comfort and productivity
  • Increases supply options
  • Removes obligations to expensive maintenance contracts
  • Minimizes upgrade and expansion expenses
  • Automation Services
    For YOUR site for YOUR Needs MacNeil offers a solution to the problems of traditional automation systems.

    One System All components share information over a common network.
    Open Architecture Decisions will always involve the best equipment suppliers, eliminating single source decisions resulting from proprietary protocols.
    Reduced Energy Usage Through occupancy-based control, equipment operates only where and when it is needed.
    Reduced Operating Costs A single-vendor solution provides one simple user interface for building operators to learn, and only one maintenance contract to carry.
    Reduced Installation Costs Due to elimination of redundant hardware, networks, and computers, our system can be installed at significant cost savings.
    Reliability We offer trouble-free operation from our commitment to ongoing customer support and service needs.
    Scalability Once a system is installed, future expansion or upgrades are simply added to the existing network.

    What We Provide for You

  • Consulting
  • Engineering
  • Installation
  • Monitoring
  • Equipment Sales
  • Training
  • Custom System Monitoring Services to Support You in Day to Day Operation
  • System Integration Services

    World Class Solutions
    Lonworks Based Equipment
    System Inter-Operability

  • CC TV
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Environmental Controls
  • Energy Usage Monitoring
  • Card Access Control
  • Lighting Control
  • Personal Security
  • Temperature Control
  • Fire Panels
  • Air Monitors

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